Concert Window Workshops = FUN

Many many thanks to everyone who tuned in for my first attempt at conducting an online fiddle workshop! There were loads of great questions, and, despite the awkwardness of talking at my computer all by myself, I had a lovely time interacting with you all...

Such a lovely time, in fact, that I immediately scheduled another online workshop! Join me on Sunday, February 22, at noon (Eastern) for another hour of fiddle geekery. If you're new to the Concert Window site, it's best to sign up ahead of time and make sure you're all logged in before the show starts. 

If you have fiddling friends you think would be interested, feel free to share the link to my Concert Window channel: 

And a reminder: I'll be performing in Lexington, KY this Friday! 

Thanks for stopping by!

xo rg

Rayna GellertComment