The latest:

When the Sun Goes Down (out March 20, 2019, Dead Reckoning Records) — duo with Kieran Kane

The Ledges (2018, Dead Reckoning Records) — duo project with Kieran Kane


Workin's Too Hard (2017, StorySound Records) — credits & lyrics here

Old Light: Songs from my Childhood & Other Gone Worlds (2012, StorySound Records)

Fiddle projects:

Ways of the World (out of print - download only) — liner notes here

Starch & Iron

With Uncle Earl:

She Waits for Night

Waterloo, Tennessee

Compilation contributions:

Help Me to Sing (with John Paul Jones)

Face a Frowning World (with Nathan Salsburg)

Other stuff:

The Hungry Moment (with Robyn Hitchcock & Abigail Washburn)

Follow Me Down (with The Lonesome Sisters)

CoDependents (EP with Scott Miller)