- September 2017 -

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I was so wrapped up in mixing a new record and being a part of AmericanaFest that I forgot to post any news here! 

Check out my latest newsletter here. That'll cover a lot of ground for you!

Also, do pop over to kanegellert.com to see what's up with my newish duo with Kieran Kane!

In more immediate news: tomorrow's my next fiddle workshop!

Interested in private fiddle lessons via Skype? Drop me a line!

Take care & keep in touch...

:) rayna

Now Taking Album Pre-Orders

Happy News!

In advance of its January release, you can now pre-order my new album, Workin's Too Hard (StorySound Records).

With "godfather of Americana music" Kieran Kane (who also co-produced), multi-instrumentalist Kai Welch, and the indispensable drummer Jamie Dick, this is a collection of five original songs (two of which are cowrites with Kieran) and two traditional songs. We recorded it live in one room, with engineer Charles Yingling magically capturing all the sounds without separation. It was a challenging, enlightening musical journey, and I am SO looking forward to sharing the results with you! 

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xo rayna