Rayna Gellert & the Brothers K - EP

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Rayna Gellert & the Brothers K - EP


Rayna Gellert & the Brothers K

Rayna Gellert: fiddle, guitar, viola, vocals
Kevin Kehrberg: bass, guitar, vocals
Jeff Keith: guitar, mandolin, vocals

1. I Thought You Were a Goat #1 (Rayna Gellert)
2. Sal Will You Marry Me
3. I'm Gonna Change My Way (Delmore Brothers)
4. New Five Cent Piece
5. Goodbye Booze
6. Road to Westfield (Garry Harrison)
7. Swannanoa Tunnel
8. Long Time Traveling
9. Big Footed Man in the Sandy Lot
10. Nancy Ann
11. Take Your Burden to the Lord and Leave It There



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